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Going Green - Cleaning your House without chemicals

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Being green is big news these days, and rightfully so, I believe.  I left my house this morning and was driving down the road when I noticed the "mist" (sarcasm intended) on the horizon. No, not really mist, more likely haze, aka pollution. So, I thought I'd post today about green house cleaning. Truly, you do not need to use harsh, man-made chemicals to get your house really clean and smelling fresh.  Here are a few easy ways to clean your home without polluting it; and remember, recycle, reuse, and donate whenever possible.

 All Purpose Cleaner - Vinegar (white)/Water - 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Mix in a spray bottle and you have an all purpose cleaner that is great for most surfaces. I also like to add a little lavender oil (1 or 2 drops only) as a natural anti-bacterial agent. Personally, I don't even measure. I just add a large splash of vinegar to the bottle.

Baking Soda - Great for odors. Sprinkle on the carpet, leave for at least an hour and then vacuum.

Litter Box - Hmmmm, if baking soda helps carpet odors . . .  (just sprinkle in the box every couple of days).

Windows - You the All Purpose Cleaner (above) or just use a damp wash cloth followed by a dry towel.  I really never ever use "window cleaner" on my mirrors in the bathrooms at all.

Hard Water or Lime Build up - Diluted lemon juice or vinegar. Spray on, leave for an hour and then wipe and rinse off.

Organic Sheets - OK, not a cleaning solution, but ohhhh so soft and comfy. I bought some organic cotton (fragrance free, etc) sheets a while back and love them. They are so much softer than any other sheets I've ever had.

Microwave - Put a damp sponge in the microwave and turn it on for a couple of minutes. The steam will loosen all the stuck on dirt inside. Then, just wipe down the inside of the microwave with the sponge (careful, it's hot!). 

Toilets - Pour a little bleach into the bowl and swish around. It will not only clean and disinfect your toilet bowl, but also the toilet brush!  Use the vinegar cleaner for the outside of the toilet and all other surfaces in the bathroom.


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