How do you find a good commercial real estate agent to work with?

Commercial Real Estate Agent with TJG Commercial

Good commercial real estate agents are hard to come by.  And a referral is a great start.  But, the business owner looking for commercial real estate agent needs to take the next step and define a set of criteria that will help in laying the foundation for a constructive working relationship.  Those criteria should include:

•1.        Advocating for your business needs

•2.       Depth and Breadth of commercial real estate experience

•3.       Local connection - someone who knows the commercial real estate market

•4.       Capabilities of the Firm and they type of support they can provide

Finally, by interviewing the commercial real estate agent, you'll find someone you like and can work with; someone that will be straight about the different choices and then lets you, the business owner, makes the final decision.

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