Dealing With a Second Mortgage on a Short Sale

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Anyone who closes short sales knows that these second mortgages can be tough to deal with.  When the first forecloses, the second can still go after the borrower for the full balance by suing on the promissory note, so they tend to want to hold out for as much as they feel they can claw back on the short sale and their behavior can potentially kill the transaction.

Readers of the Broken Credit Blog know that I purchase short sales in Florida and throughout the U.S.A.  Call me crazy but I like the challenge of orchestrating a perfect short sale strategy all the way down the finish line.  And along those lines, here's an example of how to successfully deal with a second mortgage on a short sale.

Bear in mind that the second can offer a full release of liability, a lien release only, or a partial release with signature loan.  The shorting second wants the seller to commit to paying back the deficiency while the seller wants a full release.  Solving this negotiation puzzle takes time and a calculated strategy.  Contrast this with the fact that the normal short sale submission involves a buyer who is extremely anxious and desiring/demanding to close within 30 days of contract.  This is why the short sale and the type of release need to be negotiated in advance of any end buyer.  Here's a follow up to Estoppel The Insanity:

HSBC Second Mortgage Crummy Short Payoff

Seller Counters By Crossing Off Crummy Terms

HSBC Gives In

I love a happy ending.

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