The Kent, Washington Property Ladder

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The Kent, Washington Property Ladder

Thinking about moving up?

A loss on your current Kent, Washington Home may be a gain in your NEW Kent home!

In Kent, many homesellers feel they have been hit hard when it comes to the market slow-down due to the wide availability of mid-range homes, thus contributing to the "buyers market" we are currently experiencing. 

So, while the market is adjusting, does that mean it's time to make due, putting off your dream home, the space you need, and the features you want by waiting to list and sell your current home and stay put where you are? 

Not necessarily! 

Take a look at these two homes... here we see how a loss on the sale of a home in Kent can be made up by a gain on one of the area's larger, newer, yet higher priced homes. 

A loss on your Maple Valley Home may be a gain in your new home.

You see, many homes, even new homes, in higher price ranges have also dropped in value, thus creating an opportunity to buy at lower costs than what we are used to seeing. This results in a net savings for today's home seller.

Other important considerations are further financial gains by purchasing homes in other areas, and the costs of renovation to make a current home livable.

Moving up does make sense, and a "Buyer's Market" can work in your favor, even when selling is part of the game plan! Call or email, let's take a look at your current situation, this make be the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Julianna Hind, Real Estate Specialist

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