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Making House Into Home

Notes on Interior Decorating

Interior Redesign in Bellevue, WA

Moving into a home and making it your own is a challenge for first time -- and seasoned homeowners alike. But each circumstance brings it's own special challenges. Our recent Interior Redesign Project in Bellevue, brought us a client who fit both categories. She knew the exact "feeling" she wanted to create in her home... but sometimes capturing all those ingredients and combining them into the final outcome can get overwhelming.

I love the home design book, Creating a Beautiful Home by Alexander Stoddard. Inside is timeless advise on how to create lovely spaces. A favorite quote of mine, appearing in the book, comments on a sensible yet enriching approach to life, and it translates very nicely into key elements in making a "house into home."

"To develop in taste, quality, and personality one is obliged to respect the past, accept the present, and look with enthusiasm toward the future.~ Eleanor McMillen Brown

This is how I feel a home should be accomplished. I love a home that feels evolved, accumulated, designed, and perfected over time, with also a feeling of flexibility and change that reflects seasons and life.

In the dining room, we took some beloved china belonging to our homeowner's Grandmother and placed it in the shelves of a cabinet picked up on our "Power Shop", that had a hand-finished look of age and patina, and although new, it also captured a feel of timelessness, and at the same time, bringing new life to the china, spring posies were arranged in teacups and tucked behind vignettes, to reflect the beautiful outdoors and season of life. The rustic trestle table (also new) with fresh daisies echos the whole feeling. A few personal and precious mementos and we capture the look, with past, present, and future, creating a harmonious space.

Julianna Hind, IRIS, RESA, DCI 


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