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Let it Breathe

Puyallup, Wa

Because there are quite a few of us who like to gather "stuff"... I would like to talk about that today. It ends up being a problem when we try to fit it all into the limited square footage that we have. Too many items and improper placement can actually make people more tired, more irritable, and generally uneasy, yet they don't know why!

For a home buyer, it is even more pronounced when they walk into a space. How can they imagine themselves living there? Although some people can see to the "bones" of the home (the flippers and the super savvy bargain hunters) a homeowner isn't usually targeting that market, so it is important to Lighten up and Let it Breathe! ... let the space flow, air, sunshine, and life dance about the room!

bedroom interior re design Puyallup Washington

Julianna Hind, IRIS, RESA, DCI

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