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All real estate Brokerages are NOT created equal!

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Most service and business firms are very adamant about how different and innovating they are. At Garcia Corp, we truly are. We have and will always demonstrate through our results. From the owners to the agents, we have an internal focus on servicing our clients thoroughly. This means:

In-Depth Knowledge: We are always updating our knowledge on real estate, business and economy and how that may effect our clients and our services. If you have a question we do not have the answer to; you can expect us to find the answer right away.

Network Relationships:Over close to a combined experience of half a century, with just the owners alone,; we have developed close relationships we businesses who help our clients in every step of the transaction. Anything from an inspector to a Lawyer, who runs a settlement company. Because of these proven relationships we are able to provide assurance, immediate answers, discounts and much more.

Stress Free:Imagine the difference between a transaction, which is full of stress and surprises; versus an enjoyable stress-free transaction that you know every step of. We help our clients become confident in their decisions through education and information.

Aggressiveness:Does this mean we are hard sellers that pressure you into making a quick decision? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Buyer:Our aggressiveness means that we will be able to send you information on a property the day it is on the market. We will aggressively negotiate on your behalf. We aggressively find information, which will help you in making a decision. For example many agents give the sellers market valuations on their homes. If our buyers are interested, we will give them a market valuation on a home that they are interested in buying.

Sellers: Our aggressive approach will help you sell your home. There have been many agents who list your home and wait for another agent to to show and sell it. Well, that's not fair! When we try to sell your home; we do just that. We put it on the market, we advertise it (Amongst many other things) and try to find a buyer who will purchase your home. We rely on ourselves and do not wait for another agent to randomly sell your home.