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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's almost that time again - bathing suit season!  Are YOU ready?  If you're not and you live in the Abbotsford area, you're in luck!  I am about to introduce you to someone who can SAVE you from the fear and trepidation of seeing yourself in the swimsuit!


Teresa Funk

Teresa Funk is a single mother from Abbotsford, who has turned a lifelong passion for fitness and nutrition into a successful home-based business: Body by Funk.  She is a BCRPA certified Fitness Trainer and soon to be certified Nutrition Specialist.  Continued certification involves ongoing training, so, as a client, you can be sure you are dealing with a saavy professional using the latest techniques and information!

Body by Funk involves either fitness training, nutrition training, or a combination of both, which the client decides upon during the initial consultation at Teresa's  home office.  Afterwards, a personalized program is prepared and delivered to the client with regular follow ups by Teresa, either by email, phone or both.

"Who uses a fitness trainer anyways?" you may be asking.  Well, all sorts!  Teresa's clients include housewives, younger ladies wanting to get into shape, office workers and even a FIREMAN, wanting to shape up for the infamous CALENDAR!  Sure, you can get a video or a book, but who will be there to urge you to keep working?  Who's going to tell you how well you're doing and not to give up?  Who will be mean and unrelenting to keep you on track?  (Ok, maybe she won't be mean, but she WILL keep you on track!)

Results speak for themselves - I have seen photos of a client who drastically improved the look of her body and her overall health in 11 weeks.  I didn't think she looked really bad to begin with, but the end product was  WOW!

And of course, when you see all the photos of Teresa herself, you can see she is simply a walking advertisement for her business!  Clearly this woman is passionate about her "calling"!

Question to Teresa:  why did you get involved in this as a business?

Anwer:  I've been interested in this field since high school and in this way I can earn a living and give back to my community by helping people reach their full fitness and nutrition goals.

Competition pictures

If you need help (!!!) and this has inspired you, visit Teresa's website BodybyFunk.com.

Good luck to you, and all the best for futher success Teresa! 


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