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Keller Williams Renton WA Helps Out A Former Colleague and His Family RED Day to Honor Mo Anderson

Today, about 25 of us from the Keller Williams office here in Renton came together to celebrate the First Annual Keller Williams RED Day. Standing for Renew Energize Donate it is the international day of service by the entire Keller Williams Realty Company, which has over 70,000 Realtors in the US and Canade. The Keller Williams motto of God, Family then Business was seen in the service that we completed today.

We chose to help the Steve and Karen Morris family in the Renton Highlands. Steve retired from the military and became a KW Renton agent several years. He was stricken with a MS like disease, which has caused him to have problems with his balance and lack of strength and energy. Steve was unable to continue his real estate business has been unable to work for the past couple of years. Steve and his family (4 kids) have decided to move to a different part of the state where they could be more self sufficient and the cost of housing was much lower.

The Keller Williams Renton office came together to do yard work, help pack household items and transport several loads to a mini storage plus clean and get the home prepared for sale. With over 25 of us enjoying the camaraderie of hard labor away from the office, we visited, helped out and had a great day. Of course being busy Realtors, the cell phones were ringing on and off as we worked.

Business continued on, Two short sales were approved, a couple new listings went on the market, one referral from across the state was received, and several closings happened as we worked along side the Morris family in the Highlands. The best part of the day for me was to see the care that was shared with Steve. It was a nice reunion for several folks to catch up with him too.

After a contractor replaces the roof, does some minor interior repair, puts in some new carpet, we will put the home on the market, probably in a couple of weeks. And we're gonna donate the seller side of the commission to the family too.

Yes today lots of folks in our office were RED - Renewed (seeing old friends), Energized (working together), Donate (yes, time, energy, labor and love).

Enjoy the photos (Steve is in the chair in front and his kids are standing around him). Steve has had help from his church ( the God part), Family (today we were in RED) and business (yep we are blessed by the give first then receive philosophy). I think is says that in the "Book" and I don't mean the MREA book or the Shift book this time. Tonight I'm tired and really happy too.

KW Cares is our charity, and quietly we donate to a lot of worthy causes. Today we showed that "KW Cares" for a wonderful Renton family. And as our humble friend Steve said, "you guys are so wonderful". Thanks to everybody who helped, lots of hands make for short work and the Renton office proved it again.


Re-blogged with permission from Gary McNinch

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