How to Make Your Website Wireless Device Friendly!

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With the Average Joe turning more and more to their smart phones, Ipods, PDAs and other wireless devices for instant information it is imperative that your website is "WAP" friendly.

What is the simplest way to keep your website WAP friendly? Well....keep it simple.

1. Although Flash is cool and looks great on your desktop or laptap, most wireless devices cannot read Flash. Websites designed entirely in Flash are INVISIBLE on a WAP device, therefore by all means use Flash as a banner or ad, but understand it will not appear on most wireless devices.

2. Use MOSTLY text and a few graphics nicely organized in a simple table, ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR LISTINGS! The more complicated a table, the more scrolling the web surfer will have to do, and it may confuse and frustrate your audience.

3. Use text AND graphics instead of just one large image or image map on your webpages, and make sure your images are less than 72 DPI each, so that your website loads quickly.

4. Use text links as hyperlinks, and place them at the bottom of your website. Mouse-over images are fine, but a web surfer wants to be able to read your buttons, menus, and navigation, not squint and guess if they're going to the correct web page.

REMEMBER, wireless devices are smaller than PCs, MACs, and laptaps, and still don't have all of their functions. A simple, useful, and well-organized web site will look good and load quickly on either a wireless device or a computer. Good web design is good web design!

Check out both desktop and mobile versions of websites from your computer AND wireless device and note the differences.
Either way, you easily find all the information the website has to offer.


Virginia Varela is an New Jersey Licensed Real Estate Agent working in Hoboken New Jersey. She has over 15 years experience as a web and graphic designer and received her Web Master Certification from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Tony Donato
1st Metropolitan Mortgage - Manasquan, NJ

Great Info! Thanks Virginia

May 18, 2009 07:23 AM