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Chinese Drywall Controversy Emphasizes the Need for Solid Contractors Coverage

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Earlier this year, controversy swarmed around the contractors of Florida and Virginia as more and more residents began filing lawsuits against them due to Chinese drywall. People claimed that the drywall was causing them health problems and corroding the metals within their buildings.

Usually American drywall is used for constructing in the U.S., however a shortage between 2004 and 2006 caused many builders to purchase drywall from China. Now, most of the reported problems are coming from those who hired the contractors during these "boom" years. 

The drywall is causing all sorts of problems. They are said to be emitting toxic chemicals, which may pose health threats to those exposed. These health threats include headaches, nosebleeds, respiratory illnesses, dry eyes, and chest tightness. The Chinese drywall is also said to damage electronic equipment, wires, pipes, and air conditioning due to corroding. On top of all that, it also gives off a sulfur-like smell, especially when exposed to heat.

The contracting companies who installed the drywall are now in trouble with lawsuits. Although this case is mostly centered in the South, it is always important for contractors to realize how a simple mistake could cost them thousands and thousands of dollars, and potentially even wipe out their business. Having the proper contractors insurance in place could prove to be a life saver.

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