It takes two to negotiate.

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I am a strong believer that there are two fundamental components to selling. The first is activity and the second is the quality of that activity. Without activity you are unlikely to find anyone to sell too and without having some sort of qualification process for your prospects you are likely to waste a lot of time.  Ultimately, get some quality prospects around the table and you are likely to make the sale.

So, to all the agents with properties which have been on the market for more than a month I would ask "in this competitive market, what are you doing differently to get quality prospects around the negotiating table"?

Negotiating on your own is as effective as clapping with one hand, in both cases 2 seems to be better. Selling starts at the negotiating table, up until that point it is prospecting.

For all those advocates of the "Stand and Sell" approach I would like to add in a proactive step called the reverse offer.

A reverse offer is unlikely to be much more than an initiator to a negotiation. A catalyst to get things started but once things are started the chances of closing a transaction have increased by 100%.

And what about your clients? I suspect sellers will appreciate the effort and proactive steps you are taking to help them sell and I have yet to meet a buyer who did not like getting a reverse offer.

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