I'm Watching You

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Toby Cat's eyes are peering in to see what we are doing. He is sitting on the fern urn on the front porch. He will watch us for a few minutes then he begins to meow, as to say: "What are you doing in there?" He also is wanting to come in the house. We have tried for some time now to get this picture. He usually jumps down before you can take the picture.

We really think that this is a cute picture of him looking in at us.


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Eilean Foster
Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Shore - Egg Harbor City, NJ
Real Estate Agent

Being a "Cat Person", the first thought that came to mind, why the poor baby was OUTSIDE in the first place! Out in the mean cruel world where some "beings" actually aim for an innocent who is just crossing the street!

But then again, thinking from Toby's point of view...He was probably feeling sorry for you and wondering why you insist on staying inside when there are some many wonderful things to explore out in the world!  *Meow*



May 15, 2009 10:23 PM
Morris Childs
PEP source - Spartanburg, SC

Eilean: We wish that Toby Cat would be a house cat, but he will not stay inside. Thanks for you comment.

May 18, 2009 03:09 PM