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7 Reasons for a Professional Home Inspection

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"My Uncle is in construction and I want him to do our home inspection.  We're watching our up-front expenses and he won't charge us."  If I had a nickel for every time a Buyer said that to me I'd be a rich woman.  I can't emphasize enough the importance of hiring a professional home inspector when considering a home. 

 Here are some important tips when considering a home inspector:


A. Is the inspector ASHI Certified (American Society of Home Inspectors)?  ASHI is the largest and oldest North American organization of professional home inspectors.  They have a rigorous certification process that can be trusted.


B.  How many home inspections has the inspector performed?  This is probably the single biggest investment of your life.  Don't entrust the job to a newbie.


C. Ask to look at an inspection report.  It should be detailed. It should have colored pictures or detailed drawings of problem areas.  An average report is at least 20 pages or more - many are much longer.  The inspection report should cover all the systems of the home, i.e. heating, cooling, electrical, structural, plumbing, roof, etc.


Ask if the inspector charges for a re-inspection.  If the inspector has identified needed repairs and the seller has agreed to get them fixed then he should come out later to see if the repairs have been completed satisfactorily.  Most reputable inspectors do not charge for a re-inspection.


4 more reasons why a professional home inspector is so important:


1. A home inspection should last approximately 3 hours.  You may not have to be there the entire time but it is vital you be there at least 30 minutes with the inspector for a "walk-thru."  A good inspector will take you through the house showing you what was inspected and what he has found. 


2. A good inspector will also show you how things work in the house.  He will explain things such as types and installation of furnace filters, water shut-off valves, etc. 


3. A good inspector will recommend you employ other inspectors if he finds something that is suspect such as roofs, heating and air conditioning, etc.


4. A good inspector will tell you which repair items are major and which are minor.  This is critical when you are deciding on asking the seller for repairs. 

 In Omaha, we at CBSHOME Real Estate are adamant that Buyers have good home inspectors.  Don't let this most precious of investments be inspected by anyone but the best.