Additional Costs in Home Ownership

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Most people know that buying a home comes with more costs than just a down payment and mortgage, but what exactly are those payments and how much more will they bring up the total cost. Not considering what a home will cost over the long run, insurance, maintenance and renovation, the initial cost of a home can include down payment, cost of inspections, credit check and other negotiated costs. These costs are referred to by real estate professionals and sellers as closing costs.

The largest cost accrued by the buyer is the down payment. Depending on the lender your down payment can range between five-percent and twenty-percent of the total cost of a home. It’s better to put down a greater amount of money on the down payment because it reduces the amount of money you owe over the long term. If a prospective buyer wants a home inspected before purchasing it, the cost of inspection is the responsibility of the buyer unless other arrangement are made. A small fee is also charged for a credit inspection that approves a buyer to purchase a home. As negotiations for a home progress, different charges can be assigned to either the buyer or seller depending on the terms of the deal. The final closing cost can contain a variety of charges, which is why having a real estate professional there to protect your interests is the safest way to buy a home.

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