How To Save Money On Your Tile Repairs!

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by Zilliant Innovations Inc. Tile*Stone*Grout

Many people are tired of the way the tile and grout look in their homes.  So, they are asking themselves:

1. Should we rip out this tile and put new tile in?

2. Do we have the funds to buy and install new tile?

3. Is there any other options we have?

Tile floor Before Restored

Zilliant Innovations Inc. Tile*Stone*Grout is here to help you answer those questions and any other questions you may have.

Your tile and grout DOES NOT need to be taken out.  You CAN save money and time while making your tile and grout look like new again!

You DO have other options! You can have your tile and grout RESTORED and the grout color-sealed to any color of your choice! Above is the BEFORE picture and Below is the AFTER picture.

Below, is an example of the tile and grout being restored back to its natural beauty.  This family saved a lot of time and money on their tile floor and made it LOOK NEW AGAIN!

Tile Floor Restored

So, Before you make the decision to re-tile areas in your home. Ask yourself,

1. Do we want to save money?

2. Do we want our Tile and Grout to Look New Again?

3. Do we want to have the job completed in one day so we do not have to take time off work?

4. Do we want a company that is honest, dependable, and will do a great job?

If you answered, YES to the above questions then you need to CALL Zilliant Innovations NOW... 770-926-1545!  We will come out and give you a FREE Estimate! Just let us know the days and times that work BEST FOR YOU!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Zilliant Innovations Inc. Tile*Stone*Grout

Comments (3)

Bob & Carolin Benjamin
Benjamin Realty LLC - Gold Canyon, AZ
East Phoenix Arizona Homes

What products do you use for the grout cleaning -- we have been looking for a good product.

May 18, 2009 08:31 AM
Jason Darko- Tile and Grout
Zilliant Innovations - Tile*Stone*Grout:Clean, Seal, Repair - Alpharetta, GA
Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing- Georgia

Hello Bob and Carolin! To answer your question on what products we use-- it all depends on the type of tile, stone, and grout you are dealing with.  There are many different products, but you have to be very careful especially when you are dealing with stone. 

My best advice would be to have a professional in Your area come out.  And ACTUALLY-- My Uncle does Tile, Stone, and Grout Restoration in Phoenix, AZ. He taught us everything we know!

You can contact him, Dan, and his website is and his phone number is (480) 288-4475.

Good Luck!

Jun 10, 2009 02:13 PM
Sharon Tara
Sharon Tara Transformations - Portsmouth, NH
New Hampshire Home Stager

What a difference!  Potential buyers would not find the "before" tile very appealing.  It is so important in the bathrooms especially, to give the appearance of "new" and well maintained. 

Jun 10, 2009 11:04 PM