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Real Estate Sales Representative with Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace Realtors(R)

I can only imagine when people are relocating to Tennessee due to job or military decisions, that they may wonder what is special about this southern state. I was born and raised here, and  I know there are many misconceptions about "southerners". Growing up, I was sometimes embarrassed by my southern drawl and ashamed of some of the ideas that others had of Tennessee, many that were spawned by television shows like The Beverly Hillbillies. (Yet I loved that show as a child.)

As I matured, I actually began to appreciate living in East Tennessee, and I recognized what countless others already knew. Tennessee is picturesque with magnificent mountains and lush greenery. Cool, winding roads, shaded by canopies of trees. Horses, cattle and sometimes deer scattering the landscape as we travel familiar roads. In Tennessee we have 4 distinct seasons. (Sometimes all in less than 1 week!) One of the best features to me is that our cost of living is less than the national average overall.   I am proud of our reputation for southern hospitality,  I also became proud of my southern accent. A lot of people find it "charming." 

After visiting other states surrounding Tennessee, and also venturing out West and even down into Mexico, I also developed a natural appreciation for our "slower" pace of living in some of Tennessee's quieter towns. Even though we do have traffic issues in metro areas, it is nothing like rush hour in Dallas, Texas, or Atlanta, Georgia. For that I am grateful, because my personality is such that I really don't do "traffic" well.   Having said that, I enjoyed my visit to Texas and Georgia, and appreciate all that both states have to offer. But Tennessee is "home" to me, and I am grateful that I still reside here. On the outskirts of Knoxville, I feel I have the best of both worlds. I am but a skip and a hop to great dining, shopping, and entertainment. But I dwell in a quiet, suburban neighborhood.

I have decided to start this blog about the wonderful qualities inherent to this lovely and lush state. I invite, and encourage you to share with us what you like about Tennessee. It all relates to real estate, because we are selling Tennessee, (and all of our states,) one property at a time.  And if you haven't visited, or do not sell in Tennessee,  I appreciate your input as well. 

But my PRIMARY goal is to Spotlight Tennessee, for the visitors and potential buyers looking for info when considering a house purchase, or even a vacation getaway. Also, for the agents who may be relocating here. The fact is, we have fared rather well in Knox and Anderson counties, and surrounding, in comparison to the national average. We have actually seen a slight increase in home values during these challenging, economic times.

Since my office is in Oak Ridge, TN, let me get specific and add that Oak Ridge is a wonderful place to call home. Perfect for couples, since Oak Ridge has many affordable starter homes. Conveniently located near Knoxville, Oak Ridge is also close to the lake for outdoor fun, and has many parks and events for everyone, PLUS great job opportunities in teaching, medical and scientific fields. Families will adore the Oak Ridge schools, several educational museums, great places to eat and don't forget the skate park! Again, most neighborhoods in Oak Ridge are within walking distance to a park, perfect not only for couples, families, but also for retirees, as Oak Ridge provides many walking trails! Retirees appreciate the nearness to hospitals, churches and shopping, most of the time within walking distance to neighborhoods. Oak Ridge also has many festivals year round, such as the Secret City Festival and The Lavendar Festival. There is so much more, I just don't have the space to highlight it all.

 Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog about Tennessee! Home Sweet Home!

Angelia Garcia
Pure Realtors - Dallas, TX

Your post makes me want to come visit Tennessee.  How are the summers there?  Anything like Texas'? It is so freaking hot here.

Jul 16, 2009 05:16 AM
Tammy Poore
Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace Realtors(R) - Clinton, TN

This Summer has been nice, we have been averaging normal temperatures in the upper 80's, sometimes lower 90's. But for the most part, we have had normal rain fall, which is an improvement over the drought conditions we faced for a few years. I have visited Texas twice in my life, and it was incredibly hot both times. Come see us, you may fall in love with TN. Thanks for your replies! 

Jul 16, 2009 06:58 AM