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Original content by Kathi Frank

You can profit from this book.  So don't waste any time!  This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!

(I'll tell you about the limited aspect of this offer later in this post.)

Really, I know that sounds like a "come on".  You have been in this business.  You've seen all the scams and schemes being used to sell something to real estate agents.

If I can convince you that this offer is legitimate, would you be willing to spend $19.95 to learn from nine of your fellow agents?  These agents are sharing - no holds barred - what they have learned about technology and they want you to have the information.

Author picsWhat information you ask?

Reintroduce yourself to some of your Active Rain colleagues as I tell you what they have written for you.

I will briefly tell you about each expertly written chapter - just to give you a glimpse of how groundbreaking this book can be to you and your career. 

Have you ever seen another book where other agents took the time to share what they know so you can prosper?

You may already know you want the book.  If so, go to the order page here.  There is no reason to delay.

An uncommon treasure trove of information is what you will find here.  It is like having some of your favorite people sitting beside you and helping you undersand what needs to be done to take your business up to the next level.

Let me begin introducing each individual author from the upper left side and circle round the perimeter of the group and end with a little about my chapter.  (I'm in the center.)  You will find more information about each chapter in the blog of the individual author.

Missy Caulk - If you have been attempting to sort out the advantages of different marketing approaches on your website...sit down with Missy as she downloads a wealth of experience into her chapter, "Time vs Money (Organic Searches vs Pay per Click)".  This is not just a clever title or a quick teaser.  You will find a complete analysis of the pros and cons of the two approaches to being found on the internet - instead of being buried like a "needle in a haystack" on the world wide web.

Colleen Fischesser - If you were thinking that this book may be "too elementary my dear" - I want to assure you that you will learn a thing or two from Colleen.  This veteran agent and prolific blogger teaches you how to "Become the Master of Your Own Domain."  She compares template websites to a fully customized site.  She invites us to accompany her in her evolution in becoming a webmaster and gives us the truth about the challenges...even some of the mistakes she has made along the way.  Don't miss her 5 Essential Steps in building your own website.  Miss one step on this list and you will get more frustration than success.

Brian Block - He counts himself lucky to be the only man among eight brilliant women in this book.  His chapter helps us move "Towards 100% Online Lead Generation."  He explores specific strategies to move your business in the same direction as today's client - online!  In a time where 87% of the potential buyers spend months on the internet before contacting an agent, he gives us great timely tips that will hep us to take control over lead generation. Learn exactly how to gain the trust of these "agent-phobic" clients...make more profit...and have fun doing it.

Carol Smith - If you feel like giving up saying that you are too far behind to even try, you need to read Carol's chapter,  "Technology: Nemesis or Redeemer?".  She gives you a gentle nudge to break down the barriers that are holding you back and "take the plunge" into the internet.  With her advice, you will step with confidence into the world of our internet-enabled clients and truly profit from it.

Joeann Fossland - All these tech-tools can be wonderful!  But they can actually be an impediment to creating profit in your business if you cannot control the time you spend on using those tools.  Joeann, a renown and intuitive real estate coach, brings us face-to-face with the reality of time management.  This chapter alone will be worth the price of the book.  "How to Avoid Burn Out or Addiction" has 10 effective methods for lowering the risk of complete overload.

Sarah Reiter - You may understand the value of all these technological advances...but how do you get it all done???  The answer might be a REVA.  Sarah's chapter, "Virtual Assistants - The Future of Real Estate Support" lists 7 primary areas where a REVA can assist in your marketing.  She also gives us 6 reasons why a virtual assistant may be better than having an on-site assistant.  Perhaps the most valuable part of her chapter is where she gives specific, step-by-step instruction about how to hire a REVA. 

Natalie Langford - The old adage "List to Last" in real estate has a whole new meaning when you are expected to be everywhere and do everything for today's sellers.  They know that the buyers are on the internet and they want to be assured that their listing has a prominent place on the web too.  Her chapter, "Using Internet Tools to Serve the Seller" is a vital resource for you to use in meeting the expectations of sellers.  Use her checklists for the 8 essential areas for superior online marketing presence.  She offers one list of resources after another in this chapter to make it easy for you to see where you are and learn new ways to sell more homes with the internet.

3d cover

Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman - In an upbeat and positive way that can only be offered by this Active Rainer, Sally shares her personal journey into blogging.  Her chapter helps us to see "Through the Eyes of a Real Estate Industry Social Media Blogger."  Beginning in early 2007, she has been a consistent, reliable source of that "Aloha" spirit and has attracted hundreds of fans from around the world.  She invites us to use her 9 bottom-line points of advice...calling it "It all boils down to this."  You can't miss this charming, personal and interesting chapter.

Kathi Frank - That's me!  I readily admit at the very beginning of this book, "I am, without a doubt, the most technologically inept person involved in this book."  However, I am hyper-aware of the changing expectations of the internet-enabled client.  In my chapter, I try to help you "Speak the Language of Today's Internet-Enabled Client".  All the tools and techniques will fail you if you speak to the clients in the same way you have been taught in the past - with scripts and dialogues that sort and qualify prospects in a way that is aggessive and outdated.


 The first printing of the books have been ordered and will soon be available in print.  You have the opportunity to get an advanced digital download of the entire 140 page book.  Right NOW! AT NO COST TO YOU!  This exclusive offer is only good until June 30, 2009. 

After that date, you will pay $12.95 for the digital book PLUS $19.95 for the printed book.

 You simply do not want to miss this amazing opportunity!  Technology is literally changing the future of our business.  Whether you are a novice, or a tech-expert in your own right, this book will help you take total control over your real estate business by exploring every facet of what needs to be done.

You know?  211 degrees is pretty darn hot!  But at 212, it is boiling and making steam!!!  Only one degree, but there is quite a difference.  While hot water is nice for taking a shower, boiling water has more potential.  You can use it to cook, or to run a steam engine.

I bet you are wondering why I am making this point.  The point is - one degree makes a huge difference...just one.  Take a look at your business right now.  Are you getting all the profit you want out of your business?  Do you have efficiencies in place that allow you to enjoy that profit?

No matter how good you are at technology - or how happy you are with your business - there is always room for that extra degree.  That one degree that takes your business from hot to steaming!!

There is absolutely no doubt that you will get one great idea from this book that will make you $$THOUSANDS$$.  You can get the book today in digital form.  In about 4-6 weeks, you will get the printed book.  All for the price of the printed book alone. 

Imagine what it will be like to have the book on your computer as a resource when you have a question.  With the click of your mouse, you can bring up the chapter that covers your question in an instant...NOW!  Then, soon you will be able to carry the book around with you - making notes in the margins and highlighting the passages that you plan to implement into your business.

Show your appreciation to your favorite blogger by ordering the book from their sales page below:

Why are you still reading this blog post???

Haven't you placed your order yet?

Right now - you can get both the digital download of the book - instantly!

And the printed book in about 4-6 weeks at the low price of $19.95.

Get busy!


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