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Gary Collins, dryer exhaust expert, answers questions about how to have an energy efficient clothes dryer


Akron, OH - As with any new appliance purchase, consumers are concerned with energy efficiency with they choose a new model.  Gary Collins, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard in Greater Cleveland, Ohio, was recently interviewed.   When asked what to look for in a clothes dryer, Gary said, "Your clothes dryer is one of the most expensive appliances to operate.  The most energy efficient feature on new models is the automatic sensors that shut the dryer off when the clothes are dry.  Not only does this prevent over-drying your clothes so they last longer; it also keeps the dryer from running longer than it needs to, saving energy."


The next question we asked Gary was about gas versus electric; which is less expensive to operate?   Gary answered, "Generally speaking, gas dryers cost about half as much to operate as electric dryers.  Your local appliance store should have information about the operating costs for both gas and electric on the model that you are considering."


Knowing that clothes dryers produce a lot of heat and that they vent the hot air to the outdoors, we asked Gary why homeowners don't use the additional heat for their homes.  Gary explained, "By law, all clothes dryers must be vented to the outdoors.  The combination of heat and moisture from a clothes dryer can produce mold which is harmful to your health and damaging to your home.  If you have a gas dryer, then there is also a concern of carbon monoxide."


Gary also spoke to us about proper dryer exhaust ducts, "The dryer exhaust duct should be 4 inches in diameter and have a smooth interior.  We no longer recommend the use of vinyl or plastic; dryer vents and ducts must be made of rigid metal.  Short and straight is the rule for dryer venting and optimum air-flow.  Bends of 45 and 90 degrees and extra long dryer ducts slows down the air-flow and puts additional stress on your dryer.  When the dryer overworks it uses more energy to do its job."


As the interview concluded, Gary advised us of proper maintenance of the dryer duct system.  "Professional dryer vent cleaning is recommended at least once a year to keep the system working properly.  No matter how energy efficient your new clothes dryer is, it will cost an additional $200 - $300 per year to operate if it is not getting proper air-flow.  When dryer lint accumulates inside the dryer, around the drum, motor and heating element, you have a potential fire hazard.


Gary Collins, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Greater Cleveland specializes in dryer vent cleaning, maintenance, repair and alterations, while educating consumers on preventing clothes dryer fires.  Visit for more information.



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Harry F. D'Elia III
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We get our vents cleaned out every 12 months. It is amazing how dirty they get. Also, we have cleaner air after they are finished. Thanks

May 19, 2009 02:26 AM
Robert Rauf
CMG Home Loans - Toms River, NJ

I know that mine clog up pretty quickly, I have too long of a run... and you can tell when it starts to take an extra cycle to dry the cloths, its time to clean!

I would add.... cleaning inside the dryer is important too, it is amazing how much of that fluf ends up inside the dryer where the flames are... and it will go "POOF"

May 19, 2009 03:01 AM