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Rental Expert Makes $100,000.00 a Year Without Selling a Home

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That's right, My name is Eddie Edwards and I made at least that doing just rentals. I have a 99.9% closing rate and I rarely spend anymore than 5 hours with a clients AND I charge them for my services and they are happy to pay me. If you are in Northern VA and want a private meeting with me to learn what has taken me 24 years to perfect please contact me at 703-748-6154. I charge $750.00 for my training.

I teach you how to get people to contact you for rental business. I'll teach you how to organize your listings on the MRIS computer to extract the best listings. I can teach you how to overcome ANY objection that renters give you. I will teach you that what people say they want and what they take are normally two different things. How to show just 2-3 properties before you are done. How to prepare for a meeting with your client. What paperwork I use and have my clients fill out before we meet. How to position people to look at the right time and more. I will also be your mentor for 60 days after the class. This is excellent info. I was ranked #1 for 10 years in Northern VA out of ALL companies and ALL Realtors in Leasing before our board eliminated the award category. I promise you the time is well spendt.


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Eddie Edwards

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John Connor

This is really neat! My Friend is getting into real estate and he is always talking about how he will be successful by selling real estate and how its easier to get people to rent a house than buy one. He is really excited with his line of work. He sounds really excited and probably wants to be like you making so much and being effective at it. http://www.completeresidential.com/residential_management.html

Aug 20, 2014 03:27 AM