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At the Ohio Auctioneers Association (OAA) Winter Convention in January 2009, Jack Christy mentioned Facebook as a networking tool that some auctioneers were using with some success to reach and connect with clients and customers. Facebook.com recently turned five years old and is one of dozens of social networking sites that have both professional and personal uses. You might be unfamiliar with what social networking sites are and how they work. However as auctioneers we all understand that the more people we have direct connect with through whatever medium and the more people know about our auctions the better for our sellers and the ultimately better for our bottom line.

A discussion of the pros and cons of each site could fill the pages of this site. What is important to understand is that social networking is becoming of a very important communication tool for the technological savvy and is rapidly expanding into the online and physical marketplace. Much like a cell phone and a website, businesses and more importantly business people of all sizes will need to have some presence on these new online arenas. However much like innovations of the past, the marketplace is dynamic and changing and no technology will ever replace personal relationships and customer service.

The world wide web is changing. When my family first logged on in 1995 the web was almost completely defined by those who had the means and technical knowhow to buy, build and maintain a website. If you wanted information you could only get it from someone who had the technical skill and money to build a website. Slowly at first and very rapidly now the web is being defined by those who use it rather than those who build it. AuctionZip.com is a perfect example of this change and the positive effects of this paradigm shift on our industry. The web is being defined by the consumers not the producers, much like the buyers determine the price not the sellers at an auction. As social networking matures it is time that auctioneers join the fray. At a minimum every auctioneer should have a profile on Facebook.com, Linkedin.com and ActiveRain.com (for real estate). Join these sites, under your name (not your company name) and be sure to include all your contact information, website, email and a picture. Then just start exploring the world of social networking. Trust me people will find you. The OAA and National Auctioneers Association (NAA) both have groups on Facebook and you are able to connect with many of the auctioneers you know from the state and national conventions who are already there. See you online.

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Peter D. Gehres is an auctioneer and appraiser with Belhorn Auction Services, LLC based in Columbus, Ohio and a Realtor with The Brown Company Real Estate. He is also a professional speaker and auction educator who teaches at The Ohio Auction School and operates Auctions on Track an auction education, leadership and motivation company.

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Jake Forbes
United Country Forbes Realty & Auctions - Hertford, NC

Good advice Peter.  I have a facebook page and include my information.  It hasn't lead to any business, but it may one day. 

May 24, 2009 09:17 AM