Kick that client to the curb!

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People to avoid in this market!


  1. He walks in the office. You look out the window and assume the shopping cart with the bags attached is his. Holes in his jeans, dirty as can be. Looks like a drifter you would see in a movie. States, "I have cash and am looking to purchase a property outright."
  2. A husband and wife walk in the office. Both look a little gloomy. One states, "Were both on SSI and are tired of renting." The husband reaches in the candy bowl and states, "Lookie, chocolate" and rudely takes just about every last candy in the bowl.
  3. An 18 yr old girl calls in asking to look at a beautiful, upper end home. You know she can't afford it with the income she is stating she makes over the phone. Her attitude boasts she is a rude and demanding person.
  4. A man calls, it is about 9:00 at night on a Sunday. Usually the call would hit the voice mail, but your expecting a call from someone important. This call is not the expected. It is the unexpected. He states he is looking to accumulate a wealth in rental income properties. The story sounds a bit far fetched. He even asks if you can come out in about 30 minutes to discuss a few properties. In the back of your mind you are thinking, "On a Sunday night at 10:00, this guy wants to meet at his place?"
  5. A man swipes his EBT/food stamp card at the check out line and looks over. "Don't I know you from somewhere, aren't you that real estate guy?" he states. He tells me he is looking to buy his duplex from his landlord. Stated he is on section 8. Sounds like another far fetched dream!
  6. An office associate is on floor. The person who walks in discusses what they are looking for. Brings in a stench to the office that smells like a mixture of sweat and musty cigarette. The office associate you can tell is chuckling under their breath. Thinking what a waste of time this man is. They decide it would be funny to pawn them off on you. Waste your time! And then have something to joke about later.

Above are many of the examples of people to try and avoid in this down market.What a waste of time to even work with any of these people. When you come in contact with people of these calibers you might want to flake them off and move on with your busy schedule. It doesn't take a genius to realize you are wasting your time from the get go.

Let me tell you why to avoid these type people. Why it would be a waste of time. I will do so in order of the examples above:

1. The shopping cart did not belong to the man who walked in. The man just got off work and was one of the head people with a gravel company on the west coast. He had just relocated from another area and his company just purchased his home back east outright so he could relocate and manage the franchise here. He closed a deal in 2 weeks. Commission was almost $12,000.

2. Yes the two were on SSI. Two other live in family members were also on SSI. This brought their income up to about $3,600 per month. We did not find them the home of their dreams, but it was suitable for their needs. Commission was almost $6,500.

3. Although this girl was rude and demanding. I decided to show the home to her anyways. Her Aunt was moving from out of town and wrote an offer the following day. (I will work with a person who is rude and demanding to an extent. No one is worth working with if you are being treated like dirt.) Commission was about $14,000.

4. Driving up the driveway you could tell this person was doing well off! Come to find out, this gentlemen owns a prosperous fish boat company. He just sold a good majority of properties outside the area and wanted to write offers on a great deal of properties. He had just relocated to the area and called from an ad I run. He was leaving for a couple months to go out on a fish boat run. We put two deals in escrow prior to him leaving and a great deal when he returned. Commission totals excess of $100,000+

5. Come to find out his brother was the tenant on the opposite side. His brother works a great job. He became joint tenant. They ended up purchasing this duplex. This was a double sided deal! Commission total was about $15,000!

6. This man I still work with on a regular basis. He had just inherited a good deal of money from a family estate. Although this man could of paid cash, he decided to do creative financing on a number of properties to build wealth and invest his inheritance somewhere where it would not be wasted. Can you believe the other agent on floor was speaking of a referral fee? Who is doing the laughing now. Commission totals in excess of $40,000.

So yes... Please be obtuse. Judge a book by its cover. And remember me when you decide to turn your shoulder at someone. Did I mention monies made from referrals sent to me by the above clients?

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Toronto, ON

You can never tell if a person will be a good client based on looks, where they live or other preconceived ideas.

May 19, 2009 10:29 PM
Laura Gray
RE/MAX Realty Group - Gaithersburg, MD

mario  My daddy taught me many subtle ways to accept people for who they were not what you saw or thought you saw. Whenever he was going to buy a high dollar item and/or property he would dress like he just finished working in the fields. Dirty jeans , old tattered work shirt , just to see what salesman would help him. It always was the one that had a discerning eye , like you , that won his business and trust. This trust resulted in a transaction that day and more down the road from repeat and referral business from my dad.

May 20, 2009 12:16 AM
Mary Strang
Viroqua, WI

How true, I can recall a particular buyer who made the rounds to various real estate office, these other agents avoided this fellow, because he looked homeless and poor. I asked him, how do you intend to pay? He said: "I pay Cash". He had my attention, sold him a home, later sold it for him and then other one to him...

May 22, 2009 12:34 AM