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3 Factors To Consider When Selecting An Escrow Company

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An escrow officer is someone who handles all the money, which makes certain the title of the home is clear and gets you to the closing table on time. It is vital that the Buyer chooses a great escrow company.  Here are three things to consider when making your selection:


  1. Reputation/Reliability: The escrow officer is the person who makes certain you get to the closing table successfully. There must be a very good relationship between your Realtor and the escrow company. In other words, the escrow company must have a proven record or success, cooperation and communication.  A good Realtor will check with the escrow officer frequently to make certain everything is happening on schedule. The escrow company will issue a document of instructions that you and your Realtor must review carefully. Make an outline of all the events, documents etc. that must be satisfied and get the escrow officer what is needed as quickly as possible.


  1. Location: As I mentioned earlier, lots of contact with the escrow officer is critical to the process. It will be easier if your Realtor or you can meet face-to-face with the escrow officer when necessary. The Realtor's access to the escrow officer is not to be taken lightly. A good Realtor has identified a "go to" escrow company they can depend on. Pay attention to who they recommend.


  1. Costs/Fees: Many fees are mandated by State law and are not negotiable.  However, there are fees which can be discussed and compared. Make certain you understand all the fees the escrow company will charge. If an escrow officer is reliable and the fees are reasonable when compared to other companies, then you have a winner.


A little research is always a safe bet. This is a big step for a Buyer and one you want to make with confidence. CBSHOME works with an in-house Title and Escrow Company with an A-one reputation. When it comes to Omaha real estate you can't go wrong with our Team.