$65,000 grant AND $10K grant for closing available

Real Estate Agent with John Anthony Realty

So I already have 1001 reasons to love living in New Orleans...here are 75000 more reasons to love this place.

For 1st time homebuyers, you can get $65,000.00 towards closing, and afraid of the insurance hit? Get $10,000.00 towards closing costs including the insurance! 

You need at least 3.5% down, but what a heck of an investment! If you buy a $200K property, you get that downpayment money back from Uncle Obama at tax time...and you thought you didn't have a rich uncle!

There is a specific process to applying and proceeding working the deal which if structured right essentially makes you get a "no money down" deal if looked at over a 1 year time period perspective.

So if you think good food, wonderful people, and something fun to do every weekend is not enough for your lifestyle as a renter...how about getting some equity in the greatest country in the world.

...and if you buy a duplex/double, I can show you how to make even MORE money taking advantage of this...coming soon.

Here is a link to the $65K money:



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