Rome Georgia Homebuyers seminar

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Homebuyers  looking for answers to their questions but not really knowing where to start try contacting your Local Housing Authority. I attended a first time home buyers seminar this week. A Realtor in our office was actually doing the presentation to the people in attendance. She explained the buying process, how to interview a Realtor, questions to ask. The importance of a home inspection, the importance of having a lender to work with, the difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved.

The questions these potential homebuyers had were as we say off the chain. I was amazed at how inquisitive they were and the depth of their questions.

1. The importance of a good Lender....if you have a great lender they will be there to guide you thru the loan process, answer all questions, help you get the best loan program and interest rate. If issues do arise, be able to communicate with you and help make sure you make it to the closing table. Alot of deals do fall apart at the closing work with a great Lender.

2. The importance of a Great want to interview many people. Find a Realtor  you are comfortable with. You will be sharing personal information with them, so you want to be able to trust them and have a great relationship and COMMUNICATE.   Remember , when you call that number on the sign, the Realtor is representing the seller. And their interests are in helping the seller to get the best deal when selling. Yes, they can give you information about the house. However, if you want someone to negotiate the best deal for you, then get you a Buyer's Agent. This is a Realtor who will represent your interests in purchasing a house. Ask questions, remember this is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Do worry , there are no dumb questions ,so Ask!

3. If you are worried about finding the best deal out there and you pass on the home because your waiting on a better deal. DONT WAIT! Homes that are the best deal are priced to sell, getting multiple offers and going under contract faster than you can say...sign the dotted line..Your Realtor will make sure your getting the best deal. Mortgage companies or even banks, do not want this get our there and if you know this is the house you want, dont get scared thinking something better is going to come along, chances are they are not going to come along in time for you.

These seminars have Lenders, Insurance Agents, Appraisers, and yes Realtors to help educate you in the buying process, what to expect and hopefully you will make a GREAT decision when you make your purchase.

Home buyers seminars are one of the most helpful events you can attend at a future buyer.

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