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It's been a kabillion  years since I've blogged on Active Rain. I must confess, I have become addicted to TWITTER! I'm quite a wordy person and the 140 Characters Twitter allows has trained me to become more pithy. It also has shortened my attention span for reading more than 140 Characters. Also has dumbed me down for sending messages (even emails) that look like:


"Hey U! Whacha got goin on? Catch u L8R! :) "


On Twitter I am @SandiHockeyMom because I am more interested in hooking up w other hockey peeps than to read and follow endless mortgage or real estate "experts" self promoting and not engaging. Sorry, but only occasionally I am intrigued enough to follow and continue to follow someone who is a self proclaimed expert. I do enjoy some who I already followed here on Active Rain, who alert me on Twitter they have a new blog posted.


Anyone else finding TWITTER to be awesome, or annoying? I love it! I will figure it out someday how it may relate to real estate, but for now, it's my guilty PLEASURE!!!


Tweet me!! http://twitter.com/SandiHockeyMom



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