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Hello folks,

I haven't blogged about Sagamore Beach real estate or Sagamore Beach home sales in awhile so, thought I'd share the most recent Bourne, MA home sales data with you.

161-  the number of single family homes currently for sale in Bourne, Ma and the villages of Buzzards Bay, Cataumet, Monument Beach, Pocasset, and Sagamore Beach
246-  the average number of days on market for these homes

$350-$399k- the most competitive price point in the market with 22 homes currently for sale in this price range
259- avg. time on market for this price range.

$500-$599- also tied for first place with 22 homes for sale- this reflects the waterfront homes available in Bourne, Ma, which sits on Cape Cod
151- avg. days on Mkt, wow, over 100 days less than the $350-$399 range. Can you say "Buyer's Market." Not only is this a great time to invest in a first home, the secondary and vacation market has been absolutely decimated with bargains abounding.

$419- Median home price

So, what does this mean to me, Todd? Well, Mr. Homeseller, what these means is that say you have a home to sell in the $350-$399k range, you would have 21 competitors with homes for sale in that price range. What would you do to make your home more compelling to the buyer that your competitor? more curb appeal? a more aggressive pricing strategy? really want to move? make your home hard to walk away from on the first showing.
Make sure that you understand that today's homebuyer normally comes accompanied by his/her buyer's agent and they come armed with a stack of all the local listings in your price range. They will probably know more about the current market and inventory than you will. If you have listed your home and the phone isn't ringing the FIRST week, this is a sure sign that YOU HAVE OVERPRICED. Have a question about buying or selling a home, please feel free to call or email me, toddbaz@gmail.com, 774-283-0274 or please feel free to check my website for all available homes for sale in the SE Mass/Cape Cod area www.ToddBaz.com