Bad Week/Good Week in North Myrtle Beach

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Eagle Realty

I know we could sit here all day and look at pros and cons of our day to day and our weeks.  Everyone could do it, in fact most of the time we spend alot of the end of our day looking at the good and bad that happened.  For example:

Starting this past saturday i got into an argument with my spouse, the her car broker down and it was schedule for an oil change that day it never made it to...not too mention while my van was having its oil change my ipod got stolen out of it, making me run late to an open house scheduled for that afternoon...that was just saturday.  We have been running this whole week on 1 vehicle ( not impossible but kinda challenging with husband and wife that have work scheduled, our kindergardner and 2 dogs), plus the youngest dog got Neudered yesterday.  All that and we haven't had time for the grocery store.  Lets not even get into the kinks at work...

But the good:  We had a 100% close rate on pending contracts for the week and were able to pay our bills (both business and personal) always a good thing.  Plus the cooler weather was a nice break and we are heading into a holiday weekend to kick off the summer!  Plus living in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina just is not that bad, you know?

The jist:  Up's and Down's come everyday, every week.  How our perspective stays is critical in not only work and business (real estate looking up by the way), but also in family life (car should be fixed today)...but even if it isn't there are bigger things in life that work and families up's and down's...there is just much more to life...and im glad i have it.

chris ward

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