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The first step in building the custom home you've always wanted is finding the perfect lot. However, there is more to picking a lot than just location.

You will need to get a professional opinion about the slope of the lot and how it will affect the cost of building your home. This advice pertains more to the Ozarks than it does to other parts of the country,Bulldozer as flat lots are few and far between in this area. You will want your builder or excavator to examine the lot and possibly take shots of the slope of the elevation. It can sometimes cost thousands of dollars to add enough fill-dirt and/or rock to be able to start construction if the slope is too steep.

Another area to check out before you buy is the source of water and also whether there is sewer system in place. If public/community sewer and water are not available, the lot has to be big enough to accommodate both a well and a septic system. The Department of Natural Resources has guidelines regarding the distance between the two.

Also, if a central or public sewer system is not available, it is imperative that you have a soil analysis performed by a licensed soil scientist before you make a purchase. In Stone and Taney counties, you must present a copy of a soil analysis before you can obtain a building permit. The soil analysis will determine what kind of septic system will be required for the lot. There is a wide variation in the price of septic systems so it pays to know this information before you make a purchase.  

One last precaution and this applies to an existing home purchase too: read the subdivision restrictions, if there are any. It's important to know all the requirements before you sign your closing documents. You may find the rules too restrictive for your taste or vice versa.

Following this advice before you make a lot purchase will help insure you really do find the perfect lot.

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