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Insurance agents, PLEASE get with the program!!!!

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Often times, what inspires myself and clearly many others to post a BLOG is either an everyday occurrence, or in some cases an argument!  Today, that is what happened to me....a stubborn, stupid, argument, and of all people it was with an Insurance Agent!



Now, just to preface this blog...My father was an insurance agent for 30 years, and I grew up around it my whole life!  Many times, I even tell the story about how when the roof blew off the YMCA, my brother & I, even at a young age....helped my dad mop up the gym floor, pick up debris, and do overall cleaning of the building and it's grounds!  The purpose?  To limit the claim, and to teach us a valuable lesson about CHARACTER!!!

In school, I was fortunate and excelled in sports and in music.  Due to my fathers internal DRIVE, he was unable to attend many of my events!  As an adult, I now understand why...However, I later learned that he was very regretful for not being there.  That said, he never complained! 

I never heard my father complain really about anything...You know why??  He understood his job, he listened to his customers, and if there was noone to delegate a job duty TO, he did it himself...Again, without complaining!



In the past, we as lenders would change the LENDER on the Homeowners Insurance Policy towards the very end of the transaction!  This was due to many reasons.  1. In some cases, we didnt want to change it AGAIN if we ended up going with another lender.  2.  The way a policy is to read seems to change Monthly, if not even MORE OFTEN, so we didnt want to burden the agent of their staff.  3.  In the past, it was not always a requirement for underwriting, just by the closing department!

Much like everything else though....THIS HAS CHANGED as well!

Now, I realize, with every ensuing REFI BOOM, Insurance Agents get bogged down with phone calls, emails and faxes, asking to change the Mortgagee Clause on the HomeOwners Policy!  However, I say...deal with it!  I have accepted it as part of my job, and you should too!

 Both Customers, and our Underwriting Departments, ask us...no, they REQUIRE US to have as complete as a file as possible!  Hence, now we change the Insurance earlier on, and have to forward the changes WITH our LOAN PACKAGE!  This is essential in getting a loan underwritten & closed in a timely fashion.

So, I am asking you to work WITH US, not against us! 

1.  Please dont tell me you "already have in your records how something has to read"...because, You dont!  It has changed!

2.  Just take the information over the phone please...dont make me type up an email, or write it out on a fax cover letter...just to make YOUR job easier! 

3.  Get is straight.. If the State Insurance Commissioner requires a written "Signature Authorization", than have me fax you one!  Dont give me some nonsense story that your company requires you to speak to the customer first...That is ridiculous!


Lastly, don't argue with me...This is part of my job!  This "junk" normally goes on behind the scenes and that is where it should stay!  Don't tell the customer things like, "your mortgage lender was being difficult", or they were "demanding this get done today".  That is HIGHLY unprofessional, and is bringing the customer into something that makes YOU look bad!  Changing a Mortgagee Clause on a Homeowners Policy is and should be like BREATHING!  It is merely part of the transaction!



We as lenders, DO REALIZE this is a difficult transition for everyone!  However, in my opinion, you should look at this as an opportunity!

As an Insurance Agent, this gives you the chance to do a review of their policy/situation.  Allows you to cross sell, or attempt to again....and moreover, allows you to have ONE MORE REASON to have a POINT OF CONTACT this year!   All of these things are good!

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Obviously, this is also an opportunity for us as Lenders to make "alternative suggestions" on Insurance Agents as well!


At times like these, we need to work together!  Teamwork, sphere of influence, and network marketing are absolutely critical in today's society of the Real-Estate World!

Just listen to what my mentor, Bill Sparkman has to say: 

A State Of The Mortgage Industry Address

"Education and Action are the key to success for every loan originator. To earn more you have to Learn More ! It takes more than a positive attitude to grow your business in this market. A positive attitude won't compensate for a lack of knowledge or skill. The days of taking orders are over. Today, you must become an expert in your customers eyes. Most people succeed at becoming average, most companies applaud mediocrity, now is the time of great change, and if you are not willing to change, you will become extinct ! Those that are willing to re-invent themselves, and their business, will flourish and prosper from the opportunities that present themselves in the midst of challenge. Don't be passive in your thinking or actions. these are the times to be pro-active. Put on your game face and seize the day!!"

You can find him at www.billsparkmanthecoach.com


Good luck & Happy Selling!


608-592-2227 or email at darin@osmwi.com

As always, I welcome comments, questions, concerns & all issues!

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Vickie McCartney
Maverick Realty - Owensboro, KY
Broker, Real Estate Agent Owensboro KY

Hi Darin~ Too bad if it take a little extra work for them.  We all need to be doing whatever it takes for our clients and to provide excellent service to them. 

May 21, 2009 09:17 AM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

Hellooo Owensboro!

YOU ARE CORRECT!   I couldnt agree more!   ALL WE are trying to do, is process it efficiently, and the perception of the job WE are doing...changes greatly, based on the job they are doing!  Arggghhh...It is amazing when you tell them, "It's okay, ill just suggest a different to them", how QUICKLY they come around then!  

Thanks for the comment!


May 21, 2009 09:29 AM
Tammie Jungling, NMLSR ID 455110
Clearwater, FL

I love it.  No if I could only do that with Foreclosure Attorneys!

May 21, 2009 12:43 PM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

Tammie -  THANKS!  You know, there is an idea for at the very least, A BLOG TITLE!!!!   Glad you liked it!  Being in the BIZ...i am sure you could appreciate some of my ...err.....complaints!  :)

Take care,


May 21, 2009 12:46 PM
Sally K. & David L. Hanson
EXP Realty 414-525-0563 - Brookfield, WI
WI Real Estate Agents - Luxury - Divorce

People always hope you will buy whatever baloney they are selling...that includes their own Mickey Mouse "requirements" designed to help them and make your life just a twinge more complicated...been there and won't do that...Have a great holiday weekend Bucky and let's talk soon about the WI/Ill Ar THING....

May 22, 2009 12:20 AM
Paul McFadden
Responsive Pest Control - Seattle, WA
Pest Control, Seattle, WA.

Darin: I've never run into this problem. Granted, my processor does all that stuff now but, even when I've had to order insurance binders, there's never been a problem. Great post, though. Thanks!

May 22, 2009 02:13 AM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

Yo Hansons!  Thanks for stopping!  couldnt agree MORE!!!!   I just HAD to do this blog...and that is why I prefaced it with MY FATHER WAS AN INSURANCE AGENT FOR 30 YEARS!!!!

I am surprised that not ONE ins agent chimed in!  Oh well, that is one more reason for THEM to understanding marketing on AR a little bit better eh??

You guys have a great weekend too...and Ill buzz you next week!


May 22, 2009 04:12 AM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

Paul-  You know, I bet I have had this happen at least 10x in the last probably 8 months.  Here in the Madison, WI area...we have the headquarters for American Family !  NEVER A PROBLEM with them!  Because we have MANY smaller rural towns here in Wisconsin, it always seems to be a small town agent.....You know, I think they just are going to have to get with the program or get out of the business!  I know that sounds terrible, but geezz...can't email a binder?? WHo can't do that these days??   Also, AND I KNOW THIS IS TERRIBLE TO SAY OUT LOUD, but most of the time, the COMPANY I have trouble with...is St Farm!  THey are like mother bears with cubs!  :)

Take care, and thanks!!


May 22, 2009 04:14 AM
Michele Reneau
Certified Staging Professional (CSP) Elite Instructor - Summerville, SC
Realtor, GRI ~ Charleston, SC Relocation Experts Team

A problem I have had with both lenders and insurance providers that don't listen to what buyers want...which is why there is last minute switch-a-roo when they do find what they want.  By asking more questions, one could help the buyer get what they want and not lose the business or upsell.  Sometimes, payment isn't always the issue, it can be terms, sense of security, or time.  It's been a learning curve for me and I'm not perfect, but I enjoy getting to the bottom of it on a buyer/seller's motivation because it helps me do a better job.  It's my/our job to find this out.

Jul 01, 2009 09:53 AM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

Nice to see you Michele- I ASK A TON of questions, but that is NOT THE NORM!  YOU ARE CORRECT!

Read Ken COOK's featured blog today!!!    I wish I lived in your area...you & I would be a good team!

I think just like you do...and hate to say it, but many problems in alot of different areas could be resolved, or solved BEFORE THEY NEED TO BE RESOLVED, on the front end of the transaction!!!

Often times, Lenders get blamed for not doing a good job in this area..so I would recommend THIS, SIT DOWN for an initial meeting between your "go to" Lender and a customer, and sit back and listen to how they handle things!!!  Often times, you learn alot about how each of you handle things, and it also helps to see if you are good fit for a "team"!~  Thanks again for your comments, and I completely see your well made point!


Jul 01, 2009 11:04 AM

As an insurance agent, we process these requests for lenders all day long just about.  Most of the time we are re-sending them because they never seem to get to the right person.  It gets old having to re-send and re-send.  We hear, "i never got it, can you send it again?" way too much!  My opinion is that someone in your office needs to get with the program and understand what is coming in and make sure it doesn't get thrown away or stuck in a file but delivered to the proper person!!!

Jun 02, 2010 10:52 AM