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In Memory of Kim and Stephano Bell **Photos**

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I was honored to receive a personal invitation from the Vic Planetta family to attend the House Warming at 207 Easy Street for the Bell Family. I am so glad I attended. What a privilege to be there. The Bell family treated me as if I were family, except I didn't have to do any chores:-) .

The Bell family story is both tragic and uplifting. It would require a fairly thick book to cover this story in depth and with the attention it deserves. For now, I want to share some precious moments from the Memorial, ribbon cutting, house give away.

God is still in the Miracle business, he just uses people instead of directly manifesting Himself (many times). Sometimes He can come up with some odd combinations to get the Miracle. I don't know the whole story myself, so I am sure some key resources will be left out. I belive the Free Home was initiated by Tyra Banks. Somehow the Vic Planetta family of Planetta Custom Homes stepped up to the plate.

I'll leave it to the Media to sort the details. What we will see in the following photos is the end result.




Rochelle Gattis and the rest of the Bell family chose to keep a memorial in the back yard for Kim and Stephano. Kim was 51 and Stephano was 21 at time of passing. People sometimes ask, "Why didn't they leave?" Prior storm survivor syndrome. "We made it through Camille, we'll make it through this one..."

If we could see the future... Sometimes if you stay you can mitigate damages. For instance we had roof damage from falling trees. When we returned we had to gut 1/2 of our house because of mold (we couldn't get back in). Had we stayed, we could have mitigted damages and helped others. Instead, we couldn't get back in in a timely fashion.

Then there is evacuation traffic to deal with. Pets. The sick, the elderly. My family drove until 6AM before we found a motel with a vacancy.

Some people say, "Why live on the Gulf Coast?" I say, "Why live in California? Why live in tornado prone areas? Why live in West Virginia? Should we abandon the Gulf Coast?"


 Rochelle, sister to Kim says that Kim would be happy to see the family at home again and together. If that's a result of marketing, marketing is a good thing. 


ll view it as a Miracle that the selected contributors where drawn together to restore 1 more family's home. The loved ones can't be replaced, we all know that. But its better for the survivors to now have a home and a place for family gatherings, than not.

Also, stop by and visit C.C. HereHope.

I am in a position to be bombarded with miracles. It doesn't take a celebrity to make a Marketing Miracle. Sometimes all it takes is someone reporting, then someone else thinks, "Hey, I can still do something." Then, behold, we have another marketing miracle. Is God offended? I think not. I visualize him saying, "Well done. This is good. Now get to work on the next one."


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Great story, thanks for sharing
May 28, 2007 01:23 AM