Slippery When Wet?

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Have you or someone you know fallen victim to wet and slippery floors?  You can fight back.  Southern Safety Floor is here to help you.  You shouldn't have to be a victim to this any longer.  Southern Safety Floor can slip proof your home or business of this cruel vilan.  Slip proof your restrooms, floors, showers, and more.  Southern Safety Floor offers free demonstration and estimates to all who call them.  With their use of PosiGrip, Southern Safety Floors can treat your slips and they will be no more.  Does your business meet OSHA standards?  With Southern Safety Floor you can be on your way.  Keep your employees, cutomers and even your family safe from slip and fall accidents.  The treatment is safer and cleaner than traction strips.  The clear coat doesn't change the appearance of your surface. 




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Comments (2)

Troy Jowers
Pogo Realty, LLC - New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Realtor

God, we need this for our front porch! Good to see you on Active Rain, Susanne. I was the guy on the other side of the deal for the small Napoleon St. condo about 2 years ago.

Jul 02, 2009 02:52 PM
Susanne Christoffersen

Hi Troy,

I am glad to see you still in the game.  Yes this stuff is pretty awesome.  If you need it, I can arrange a demonstrartion for you.  Hey these days you never know.  Let me know and I will have them get in touch with you.

So how is your business?  Mine is starting to pick up.  I have listings that I need to sell as well as everyone else and buyers that are taking their time.  Any suggestions?  What listings do you have?

Jul 03, 2009 12:44 AM