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Hey everyone...i know you are getting your grilling tools and food ready for the big holiday monday and Memorial Day.  Our prayers go out to all who are remembering lost loved ones this weekend, and also pray for safety for all those celebrating!  We are in the beginings of Atlantic Bike Week here in the north myrtlebeach area, but that is another BLOG i will save for tommorow.

So i was reading the latest Real Estate Business magazine for broker/manager and noticed an article with some intersting stat from  Some of the stats are very energizing and good news for a change, so i wanted to share them with you:

18.1% of those surveyed that plan to buy a home this year to take advanatge of the $8000 tax credit
49.6% of americans are paying closer attention to home prices and their local markets than the year before.
The media age of a First-Time Homebuyer is 30 years old
5.8% of first time home buyers plan to purchase in the next 12 months, BUT 12.8% plan to purchase in the next 24 months.
53.5% of thos planning to buy in 2009 are first time homebuyers, while only 41% of home buyers who bought in 2008 were first time home buyers
Amongst those surveyed the top factor that most home buyers looking to purchase wanted was more space!

So it helps that in our Buyers Market we get more bang for our buck so to say as prices have dropped significantly on larger homes.  Call Eagle Realty in north myrtle beach, sc today for a list of the best buys in the area! 888-464-8488 or

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