Memorial Day a Great Day for Holding Open Houses!

Real Estate Agent with Prudential Caruthurs

I was surprised to see how many open houses there were listed in MRIS today.  I am not holding one myself, but I will be attending a couple of them.

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to hold open houses, have yard sales, etc.  A number of our agents here expect a huge turn out.

Remember, not every Open House is going to yeild a contract on your house.  We've seen less and less of this today on our local market here.  But it certainly is a great way to drum up some leads and get your cards in people's hands.  Almost everyone that comes in that door is either looking to buy now or in the future, or knows someone that is in the market to buy or sell.

I have been torn on the idea of holding anything on Memorial Day weekend because I think the holiday has been commercialized just as much as any other holiday.  However, holding that open on the Sunday before the holiday keeps me from feeling that I'm treading on the memories of our soldiers.

It's also a time when family from out of town is visiting.  If they are thinking of relocating, there couldn't be a better time to go see some houses in the area, since they are already there.  I have seen a trend lately of family wanting to get together in these tough, economic times, for support of each other and being close enough to help out if needed. 

Retireing moms and dads moving closer to their children, who have children of their own that may need babysitting, families getting bigger homes so their parents can live with them, siblings just entering the workforce who purchase together because they otherwise couldn't afford to do so.

Don't be afraid to hold opens on holidays.  I've met two people during our last open house that both purchased their previous homes on Mothers day! 

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