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Last week was very successful for us here at www.realestatenugget.com because we had several great conversations with brokers about our FREE listing service.  It's always fun and exciting to hear from our broker friends of why they like the 'Nugget.'  One of our new users from Salem, Oregon said that it was super easy to use, and she was impressed by the numbers of listings locally in Salem, Oregon!  Many of you will notice that your local area hasn't started posting yet......that's why we need your support!  It doesn't take long for the listings to build up!  And you can dominate your region by posting your properties; this is just FREE exposure for you, your properties, your company, etc.  This is FREE Search Engine Optimization at it's best!!!


All great things take time, and right now, as each of you post your properties you're building CONTENT, and you're spreading the word about our powerful FREE listing site.  Your investment in time (and it's not that much because the 'Nugget' is so easy to use) is building a TOOL that will benefit us all.


Aren't you tired of paying exorbitant fees for marketing and listing services?  The industry is changing rapidly and the information is readily available and FREE.....that's why we're making it easily accessible to all of you.  With your help, the 'Nugget' can become the most accurate and comprehensive listing service in the country!


This is FREE.....what do you have to lose? 


And for those of you who like the idea, but are short on time:  Just email me a link to your portfolio, or send me PDF's of your listings and our team will do ALL of the inputting necessary to get you up and running.  From that point, you'll have a FREE account from which you'll be able to easily modify your listings and delete and add new ones!


In an effort to pioneer new regions, we're offering an Advertising special:  Will give you or your company AD SPACE on the State and City pages in trade for your listings!!!  Just contact me at 503-798-2456 or email me at Matthew@realestatenugget.com to discuss details.


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