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Calhan, Colorado: A Divided Town

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I always thought that Calhan, Colorado is located in El Paso county.

Calhan, Colorado - Elbert countyIt is. But it's also located in Elbert county.  That's what I discovered last week when I was assigned to do a closing in Calhan.

One of the first things I do when I get a closing assignment is find out where the borrowers are located.  I thought it was unusual that the trip would take me more than an hour and a half, according to Mapquest. 

Just where in Calhan is this?  Where in Colorado is this?  It was when I looked at the map view that I saw that it was in Elbert county.  Is this some kind of mistake?  Is that really Calhan?

After locating the borrowers on the map, I called them to confirm the appointment.

Sure enough, they are in Elbert county.


Colorado - Elbert countyIt was a pleasurable closing experience.  I actually like the long drives out into the rural areas of Colorado.  There is hardly any traffic.  Just miles and miles of open scenery.  You could probably stop in the middle of the road and have a picnic if you wanted to. 

Having GPS really came in handy.  There  were a lot of turns, and the road signs aren't easy to see.



Welcome to Elbert County - ColoradoJust in case the title company doubted that the closing was actually in Elbert county, and not El Paso county, I got photographic evidence: