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I Just Read Missy's Blog post on Freedom. She did a great job reminding us of the Truth that Freedom is not Free, it comes with a terrible price!

My Dad was a Navy man for Twenty years. The Funeral was a Military Funeral with a twenty-one gun sulute and taps, but most of all, an older gentleman spoke on behalf of the military, and it was so moving, and uplifting!

I Hope Everyone Out there , has a chance to go to a Military Funeral at some time in life! It certainally is a reminder of the Bravery that has come from George Washington, all the way until now!

Our Freedom is Blood Bought, and cannot be kept without the shedding of Blood!

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Dale Baker
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Howdy there Connie

Freedom sure is not free, Freddom is the highes price item anyone will ever know!

I've been to many Military Funerals in my life.

Those of us that have serve. Are always ready and willing to lay our life on the line for the Freedom of folks!

 No matter when or where its called for!

God Bless America! The land we love!

Retired U.S. Navy, Captain Dale Baker

God Bless America


May 24, 2009 08:27 AM