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Mobile notary services to Fort Carson, Colorado

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Of all the military bases in the Colorado Springs area, Fort Carson army base  is the most difficult to get onto.

Difficult ... but not impossible.

So if you're a notary signing agent / mobile notary, you don't need the skills of an Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne in order to get past the guards. 

You just need a little patience.

Fort Carson exit - gate 3The gate that I normally use is Gate 3.

If you're driving west on Academy Boulevard, it's the 'Fort Carson - Westmeadow Drive exit'.  Then you'll see this sign.  There's a traffic light at which you'll make a left turn.




Gate 3 entrance to Fort Carson, ColoradoExpect to be delayed for a few minutes while the security guards inspect your vehicle.  Usually the guard will have me open the hood, trunk, glove box, and all four doors. Have your driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance available to present it to them.  Even though I state the nature of my business, I also include my business card. 

The guards are very serious about these inspections, and they do a thorough job.  They are also very courteous and polite.  I'm always tempted to let them know that I was an enlisted man -- not an officer -- while I was in the army, so there's no need to call me 'Sir'.


Fort Carson - Prussman Blvd - Specker Ave - Burger KingOnce I'm on the base, I'm able to go just about anywhere. Finding my way around is not difficult. Most of the streets on Fort Carson can be found using MapQuest, and GPS.  I have done notarizations in the housing area, and I did a closing in one of the barracks. 

Burger King - Fort Carson, ColoradoThere is a Burger King on Prussman Boulevard and Specker Avenue, if the soldier wants to meet there. 

Ironically, McDonald Street is one block north of Prussman, although there is no McDonald's restaurant there ... yet.





When I first became a notary signing agent, I wasn't sure if I would be able to perform notary services on Fort Carson.  But getting onto the base is not a problem once you know the routine.


Maia Whitaker
Superior Notary Service | Allstate Insurance - Boulder, CO
Your Trusted Notary & Insurance Advisor

Great information! 

Sometimes folks get very spooked about going on base or federal facilities, but like you said it's really just a matter of getting to know the routine... and where you're going once you're inside.

Mar 28, 2011 12:33 PM