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How To Find Motivated Buyers and Sellers Fast

Insight brought to you by Centennial Solutions. It doesn't matter whether you are a veteran in the real estate industry or just starting out, a lesson to be learned early and remembered often is that you can't be successful in the long run if you don't have an effective marketing program. If you think marketing is just for businesses, you are right. A successful real estate professional treats their craft as a business and must tend to it as any good business owner would.

There are endless ways to market, from direct marketing, to door fliers, and little American Flags on Independence day, the list goes on and on and on. Many have worked great in the past and may be relatively productive today, but more and more people go the the internet for EVERYTHING. Real estate is definatly not an exception. That is why a web presence is crucial if you want to do well.

Web Presence & The 2.0 Phenomenon

Personal websites are great to introduce yourself and your business to potential clients. It can be a bit costly and difficult to maintain especially if you don't have any experience with web design.

Blogs are typically more user friendly and are often free. However they are less professional and more personal. This is the appeal to "Web 2.0" marketing. Customers are made through the casual and personal interaction with your advice and experiences shared on the blog. Blogs can be set up via one of the many sites (simple google search for "blog" will give you many options), Wordpress is a good one. Many social networks like Activerain and Trulia allow you to set up a blog when you sign up for their site (also free).

Track That Lead

As equally important as finding the leads is tracking and follow up. Successful follow up campaigns should run at least several months and make contact with the person numerous times. This is crucial as most business is made on the 5-8th contact, regardless of the industry or marketing medium

Microsoft Outlook is not just for email. An effective way to track your follow up campaign is by adding a client as a task and use the reminder function to help keep you on track. This is suitable f you have a small number of clients and the periodicity of your follow up isn't too frequent. For a larger client base there is Client Relationship Management (CRM) software that is taylored specifically for real estate professionals.

Auto Pilot

Automated lead generating systems are a great way to accomplish a successful marketing program. They incorporate the lead generation, tracking, and follow-up so that you don;t have to do it all.One that I found that provides several free videos about their program is the REI Done For You System. Check them out here.

REI Done For You System

Just Do It

No matter whether you chose to do all of the research and steps your self or take advantage of an automated system. Start getting, tracking, and following up on those leads today.


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Angela Zuyus
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Good information! Tank you for helping keep us informed!

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