You couldn’t ask for a better time to Buy a Home!

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It is truly amazing what is happening in the real estate market right now.  In my 20+ years of being involved in real estate, I have never seen a time that has such a great upside for Buyers.

Here we are in a time when home prices have been supressed to 1970's - 1980's values and people are still looking, watching and waiting for the right opportunity.  I have to ask myself, what are they waiting for? 

Yes, there are areas where property values are still going down, but are these the areas that you really want to live?  The properties that you will find are mostly Bank Owned properties that have many many issues for the most part. 

There are so many properties out there that are good, well maintained homes that are being offered by Owners.  The Owners in these properties have had to relocate, or have moved to a new home or are looking to upsize or downsize.  They may be having some financial issues and they want to do the right thing and not go through a foreclosure.  The pricing on these homes have been reduced well below their true value and have probably bottomed out.  The trend is showing that property values have stablized in quite a few areas.

Have you missed the opportunity?

In addition to pricing stablizing, interests rates are at all time lows.  We have never seen interest rates under 5% for any length of time.  How much longer is this going to last?  There are buyer assistance programs available for all buyers depending on your current financial situation.

Isn't it time to take action before you miss your golden opportunity.

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