A Secret Strategy For Investing

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Here's a simple way to beat the market during these uncertain times. It is called the Dow Dividend Strategy. Here's how it works...

Invest equally in ten Dow Jones stocks that are paying the highest yearly dividend. They typically have high yields because of a bad previous year. The high dividends allow room for any additional drops, but by getting in during turbulent times, you reap the benefits in the end. Usually these stocks are from large companies that have the ability to come back from a bad year. Thus, this strategy guides you to buying stocks at a great price during a temporary setback.

Obviously, no market strategy is 100 percent certain, but over the past 20 years, this has been shown to be very successful.

In fact, by using this strategy investors have been able to increase their annual returns by 47 percent over the average investor. The average investor earns 10.91 percent, while the Dow Dividend Strategy investor is yielding 16.06 percent annually. If you are considering investing in the market, here is a great way to get started.

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