An open letter to Realtors

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On Friday, as you know, my home went into the MLS and I know you saw the listing.  But did you really look at it?  After all, approximately 45 minutes after it us uploaded into the system you started making comments that it is 20% to high!

So, Mr. Realtor did you really look at the listing?  I know that you have never been in my home so I am curious as to what makes you say that it is so over priced?  Now, I understand that you just "reduced" your listing just across the way by over 20%, but that is what you do when you are about to lose the listing to foreclosure.

 Mr. Realtor, I thought I would take the time and tell you a few things about my home, since you have not been in it and I just sent a notice to your managing broker that you will not be allowed to show it.  My home was built by the same, yes the SAME builder that built the one you are so desperate to sell.  Wait, it gets better.  It is actually almost the same floor plan, since I took that plan and "tweaked" it to flow and work better for me. Sure, my home is smaller by about 700 square feet, but it is a single level and since you missed the latest news flash; single level homes are more attractive to an aging population.  But back to the home itself.  My home has every feature your listing has and a few more.  Of course you might have known that had you really looked at the listing.

Finally Mr. Realtor, this is a home that you bragged about having a cash buyer for at more than my asking price only 8 months ago.  So, I wonder if it was worth almost 10% more then and now you are saying I am 20% to high; I wonder what you tell your clients? 

Really Mr. Realtor, the lack of professionalism that you display is what bothers me the most.  Is it really surprising that the public thinks so little of our professions that we rate below USED CAR SALESMEN?  Maybe when you start saying the things you say, you should stop and think.  After all, you do represent more than just yourself when you make bold statements in public like you made friday afternoon.

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