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Websites for Small Business

 Small business online marketing has become an almost crucial factor in the success or failure of many small businesses. Today, a business without a website is regarded by many as behind the times or even with suspicion. A website should be regarded as a standard business tool. For some businesses, a static website that simply lists the location, contact information and a brief bit about what the business is and what it does is enough. However, for many businesses, remaining competitive depends on having a dynamic, optimized site that attracts and funnels targeted traffic into a marketing machine.

A good example of this is the real estate industry. Almost all Realtors have a web presence, and the effectiveness of their sites has a direct impact on their contacts, listings and ultimately sales. As with any business, the Realtor's website should be designed with two goals in mind: attracting the right sort of targeted traffic and then feeding that traffic into a marketing machine. The targeted traffic is primarily attracted through the correct use of keywords that are relevant to the housing market the Realtor is in. The marketing machine is the mechanism by which the Realtor gets that traffic to contact them or gets that traffic to register their information to be contacted.

For almost any small business starting up, a website that is properly optimized with relevant keywords and that contains the elements that filter traffic into the marketing machine should be regarded as a standard business tool.