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MichiganRealtor, Industry Leader, Mike Riedmann

Real Estate Broker/Owner with NP Dodge Company

Original content by Angie Ridley

The MichiganRealtor magazine did a great article for the "Industry Leader" section.  The MichiganRealtor interviewed Mike Riedmann, President of NP Dodge Real Estate Sales in Omaha, Nebraska.  I was intrigued with the questions asked in the article, of course most questions and answers have the economy as a key factor.

            Riedmann states his market is doing better than most of the United States.  To assist his bottom line he has cut back on print media, focused more towards internet advertising.  He includes "Facebook, ActiveRain and YouTube" in his description of media tools.  He remarks that personal and business ethics are the most important qualities for a sales agent.  His agents are the best recruiters he has.  Being involved in your membership is important. 

            Riedmann discusses how 2.0 web tools assist his business.  He would never be without his smartphone.  Reidmann says the new administration has a history of pro housing.  He is very optimistic about the housing future.

            This was good article.  Positive remarks is so important for everyone in today's ecomony.

            "Good Job" MichiganRealtor and thank you Mike Riedmann...

(Source:  MichiganRealtor March 2009)

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