Realtors Giving Back, There Is Never Too Much Giving

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Eagle Realty
According to Real Estate Business magazine, charitable giving in 2007 topped the $300 billion mark at about $306,000,000,000 in estimated giving...but its not enough! Is there a cap to giving? Sure many would argue that when it becomes that you can't write it off on your taxes anymore, then it's time to stop. Some might say when a local need arises or for someone they know (or friend of a friend) then they will give, but only when they can see there money at work. Still others may only only focus on certain organizations, ignoring others and their there a right way? Well, yes and no... The "right way" in giving comes from a giving attitude from the heart. In essence, if you are looking to give for tax benefits and recognition, then your motives are wrong and your giving will be limited with little self reward in the process. By self reward i do not mean tangible, but inwardly. Giving joyfully is a nessecity in giving to be bountiful and fulfilled in your giving. Whether it is a local need (like in north myrtle beach the fires destroyed multiple homes last month and the community really pulled together to help) or it is to a world wide need like hunger, poverty, or clean water. Also in our giving, maybe what is missing is action, not just money. I know our schedules call for alot of our time, and volunteering or raising awareness for a couse or organization just seems like too much, but where is your heart at for what you are giving to? If it is a passion then with "great joy" you will support, give, and contribute in more ways than just money. Don't get me wrong, we need to give monetarily, and as the richest nation on the planet i would think God has placed us in a position to give above and beyond the norm, but our actions spur others on to action as well creating a chain reaction that can multiply our giving 100 fold!! So, the question as Realtors and people we should ask on a daily basis is "what can i do to help?". Eagle Realty has partnered and founded an organization called and is hoping to launch this non-profit this year. But we are also looking at what MORE we can do...

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