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For those of you who watch the news always looking to hear answers to your questions about the housing market, well today was a good day to listen. The national statistics came out and some good and some bad news. Home sales were up last month over 2 % , the price of homes were down over 15 %. Now those of you looking to purchase a home in Rome Georgia will find that the housing market is changing in our area as well.

The number of homes for sale in Rome Ga is actually going down. Yes , I said down. In May 2009, there were only 159 new listings put on the market in our area. This is down over last year which there were 225 new listings in May 2008. This is showing what we call a shift in the market. Homes that are priced to sell are getting multiple offers which is great for a seller, they get a better offer on their home.

Buyers who are sitting on the fence wondering if they are going to get the better deal had better jump off that fence and jump on the buying side now.  The number of home sales in Rome Georgia for May 2009 is 66 verses May 2008 showing 107. Yes sales are down but, the number of actually homes being sold is looking better for the deals are still out there however, you must not be hesitant in your decision to purchase. If your truly pre-approved and you do find that home, don't waste time . Get your Realtor to help you get the great deal your looking for.  That's their job as your Buyer's Agent. That's why you hire a Realtor to help you in the largest investment you will make. Maybe not your last.

Most of the time your not going to find everything in your home, the only way that is going to happen is if you decide to build a new home. New home construction is still a great option . It never hurts to check with different builders to see what you can get in new construction. Explore all avenues available in your home search.

Many people search the Internet for their home. I know that homes located in Rome Georgia, based on who they are listed with will be put on all the major search engines to showcase that home. Some will even include virtual tours of the house that is for sale. Never be hesitant in your search. Find out what features are most important to you.

Currently in our area there aer 1177 active listing or homes for sale in Rome Ga. Yes that may sound like alot of homes but still that number is going down every month. Which like I said before is great for a seller. They are going to get the better deal with mulitple offers.

Get off the fence , look no more the time to buy is NOW. Interest rates are slowing going up. Lenders are tightening up on credit scores. Find the best loan option for you. If you should have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a call.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have without any obligations. Or for more information check out my website.

Sharon Collins

Keller Williams Realty Select Professional

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