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Sarah Bandy, a successful entrepreneur and president of The Bandy Group, is introducing a new concept in reality TV.

Bandy will be the star of Project: Reality Real Estate, a weekly "fly on the wall" documentary-style show which chronicles her ambitious new real estate campaign aimed at netting $1 million dollars in one year's time.

Each week viewers will be able to tune in at to learn her methods, celebrate her successes, and follow every step of the way on her daring and exciting new journey.

The show will also be promoted using "Web 2.0" methods, including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

The campaign is inspired by bestselling author Gary Keller's book "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent".

Bandy's goal is to follow the plan outlined in Keller's book for one year, using his methods to net one million dollars of revenue in a 52-week time span.

However, Bandy doesn't intend to keep her success to herself - she is going to show her viewers how it's done every step of the way.

Bandy feels that the combination of social media marketing, the Reality TV style documentary, and Keller's marketing tactics, will be far more effective than traditional old school marketing methods.

"I don't feel that cold calling or door knocking are where my strong suits lie," Bandy explained. "These activities don't utilize my natural abilities."

Instead, to reach her goal of netting one million dollars in one years time, Bandy will send out 16,000 direct mail pieces per month to a carefully selected geographic and demographic list of individuals.

She picked that specific number based on Gary Keller's research, indicating that for every 50 people you market yourself to 12 times a year, you can reasonably expect to generate 1 sale.

"Expanding the formula exponentially, you will therefore need 16,000 contacts in your ‘haven't met' database to generate 320 sale per year there by reaching the goal of netting $1 million dollars; based upon a $250,000.00 average home sale price," Bandy explained.

In addition to watching Bandy's show, viewers will also be able to interact and ask questions or make comments via Bandy's website. "This type of activity cannot be scripted and provides a more homegrown, grass roots marketing approach," according to Bandy.

To find out more about Sarah Bandy and to check out Project: Reality Real Estate, please visit and follow her on twitter @SarahBandy.

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