We are giving Bank of America a Free Pass!

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Folks - wake up and smell the coffee! With Short Sales grinding to a halt at Countrywide - we are all blaming and bad mouthing Countrywide. Well guess what?! There is no Countrywide!

Yes, we all know Countrywide was purchased by B of A last year. And yet, all their problems with short sales, the incompetence and deception, the unethical business practice and lack of compassion for legitimate financial and subsequent human suffering, we all blame Countrywide. An entity that does not even exist anymore.

The folks at Bank of America must be walking on eggshells hoping they can pull off this deception forever. Well I say NO! Shout it from the mountaintops! It is not countrywide that can't do the job. It's Bank of America! The King is dead, Long Live the King!

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