Real Estate Marketing with Video Promotion Sells Houses

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There are more than a few houses available on the market thanks to the great number of foreclosures that have nearly caused a housing saturation. Anyone who is aiming to buy a house has their pick and can name any reasonable price to make a purchase. Because it is a buyer's market, using video promotion makes perfect sense. Real estate professionals can make use of this spectacular tool to enhance their selling of homes.

Visual stimulation is the way to go with most people. By nature, we want to see things in vivid color as though we are actually there. Video promoting real estate does exactly that. In today's economy with fuel costs still relatively high, the Internet provides a way to use video promotion that captures the attention of potential buyers without them ever leaving home.

There are many ways to chose to promote the sale of homes, the various locations you have available and the experienced agents who work for your company. The Internet and cable television, however, are more commonly used because they get people's attention by advertising to them right where they are. Having this type of advertising power can make the difference between whether people actually look at your homes or they sit with a for sale sign on the lawn for ages.

It's very possible that even in the most successful real estate practice, money is an object when it comes to your promotional budget. There's no need to invest in the most expensive commercial that money can buy. Conduct a little research and you will find that there is space available for your video promotion that is cheaper that buying a page in a magazine.

Where you shouldn't cut corners, however, is in hiring a professional to make your video promotion. It is imperative to capture the right angles and to use the best lighting. This will be the reason why people call to see the houses in person so make it count. Many promotions now feature 360 degree turns that display every corner of a room with brilliance and clarity.

Whether you are trying to reach a cross section people or a specific area, there is no doubt that your video promotion can accomplish the goals you set. When you are ready to take your real estate business to the next level, start promoting it with quality video promotion that makes people want to buy.

- Matthew Loop

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Richard Daskam
eXp Realty - Signal Hill, CA
Your Real Estate Consultant

We had a TV show back in 1990's at my office.  it was always hard to get agents to pay for the spots. 

I always liked the ads but the cost was prohibitive as the market declined in the 1990's and income tightened. 

I just got a Flip for my birthday, haven't tried it out yet on the Internet yet, except for posting a YouTube video from our trip to Disneyland!

May 30, 2009 03:21 PM