Be A Faithful Client

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Too many people call on ads and are in a limbo land of non commitment to an agent. They call this one then that one and use peoples services without any intent to purchase through the agent who just drove across town to open a home for them. This is not only a complete lack of integrity but also very detrimental to the buyer who needs help from one consistent professional. Take good advise choose one agent and be faithful and let that person alone show you homes and write your offer.

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Terry Meyer
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sound Realtors - Olympia, WA

Amen!!  Bernie, I have had this happen to me several times.  If only a potential buyer knew how much time agents waist on people who sometimes just can't be honest.  Wouldn't it be great if once you got the call and traveled across town to show them the property, they would be locked in to use that agent??  Then there would be no where near the time wasted on frivilous calls.  I am with you 100%, Pick an agent and be faithful. 

Jul 02, 2009 10:47 AM